Office of Equal Opportunity


Isadore Knox, Jr, Director
608.266.4192 •

The director ensures that the County is making a good faith effort to meet our equal opportunity objectives. Isadore manages the office and shapes new policies, which derive from federal mandates, state statues, and county ordinances. In addition, the director staffs the Dane County Equal Opportunity Commission.

Wesley Sparkman, Contract Compliance Officer
608.266-5623 •

The Contract Compliance Officer promotes fairness in Dane County service delivery, either directly or from a County contracted agency, in compliance with Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights laws. Wesley coordinates the Targeted Business Development program, where he assists emerging businesses with certification and provides technical assistance. Wesley's knowledge of the business environment and the community gives the office the opportunity to assist entrepreneurs and provide service delivery advocacy to Dane County residents.

For more information, see Chapter 19.50 - 15.72 of the Dane County Code of Ordinances. Also view the Contract Compliance Page for information about types of certifications.

Colleen Clark Bernhardt, Grants and Outreach Coordinator
608.266.3022 •

The Grants and Outreach Coordinator helps design and facilitate information about the services provided by the Office of Equal Opportunity and the Equal Opportunity Commission. Additionally, Colleen maintains and develops communication bridges to the community at large. She gives the office the expertise and creativity to conduct outreach in various formats.

The Grants and Outreach Coordinator previews, applies and coordinates grants dealing with equity issues in Dane County. Specifically, we have been successful in gaining grants dealing with racial disparities and criminal justice.